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Indoor Gardening!!

And they have taken it to the highest possible range, in every aspect of life. We spend the major part of our life in our home and our dreams are to make it as beautiful as possible. There comes Indoor Gardening. For the city dwellers, where space is concerned. Houseplants can transform a stale room into a vibrant one.
Not only does it clean and clear the atmosphere but also freshen it up by generating oxygen from carbon dioxide.
Houseplants also increase the beauty of a room thousand fold by inserting greenery and color. Many of them require no attention at all. The advanced hybrid species of present days do not need much watering and feeding. Some of the winners in this category are Scindapsus Aureus(Money plant), Dypsis Lutescens (Areca palm), Araucaria Cookii(Christmas tree), Livistona Chinensis(Chinese Fan palm), Dieffenbachia Amoena(Tropic snow), Anthurium, Dracaena, Alocasia Sanderana (Kris) etc.
Before you buy a houseplant, please keep in mind that some houseplants are poisonous in nature. So, if you have small children or pets, make sure that the plant is out of their reach. Same goes about thorny plants also.


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Garden Lovers…

Imagine yourself walking on a winding path through a beautiful flower garden created by nature but gently nudged by man. The journey takes you into a world of wonder as you turn a corner to see a spectacular rose. Next to it, you can find exotic flowers with brilliant in color of orchids, epiphyllum, plumeria and countless number of other tropical flowers, they never fail to impress. Just around the next corner are the King and the Queen of water plants: Lotus and Water Lily, with unforgettable beauty no other plant can compare. The variety of shape and color of a huge number of flowers that only nature can produce, make it a difficult job to choose what to look at first. Please take your time to relax and slowly walk through this cyber garden and enjoy the beauty of flowers.

lovely flowerslovely tulipscolorfull

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